Pure Kent Harvest
Pure Kent Harvest

Eckley Farms steps up flour production

Claire Eckley at Eckley Farms has increased flour production for their Pure Kent brand, and some new stockists have come on board.

As well as Lower Ladysden, Henhurst, Chittenden and Marden Farm Shops, their award winning stoneground bread-making flours are also available at The Egg Machine at Bank Farm, Aldington, Macknades in Faversham, Austens of Rochester, and The EcoPantry near Sevenoaks.

Claire said “We’ll try to keep you baking! We are more used to providing sacks of flour to small commercial bakeries, but we can do bags as well. Our flour is made from our own wheat and barley, and we’ve got plenty of that in our store. Whereas our flour is usually for bread making, try crumble, biscuits, scones, or wet-into-dry cakes, like carrot cake. It’s a great opportunity to try our flours very fresh – you may notice the earthy flavour.”