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In the current uncertain times, we are constantly seeking reassurance and positive signs from the outside world. While some things have ground to a halt, nature is still taking its course and marches on to its own rhythm. The vineyards are enjoying the sunshine and continue to require care and cultivation as we look forward to the vines starting to rouse from their wintry slumber.

Our wines are also progressing through the winemaking cycle and the 2019 still wines are approaching their release dates. The first of this vintage raring to go is our hotly-anticipated Gravel Castle Chardonnay 2019.

Our first vintage of the Gravel Castle Chardonnay was extremely well received and was held in high regard for its fresh fruit, appealing texture and refreshing crispness. So much so, that we swiftly sold out of it!

The 2019 Gravel Castle Chardonnay is very similar in style but perhaps more aromatic, citrussy and Chablis-esque than its predecessor, which reflects both the vintage as well as the terroir of our vineyards in the idyllic Elham Valley. Here the iconic chalk soil and nuanced microclimate create the perfect growing conditions for producing wines with pure varietal flavours, elegant acidity and subtly sophisticated aromas.

We believe the Gravel Castle Chardonnay challenges the perception of English still wines. It is now available to buy via our website and we look forward to keeping your glass half full in these difficult times!

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