Simpsons Plantation
Simpsons Plantation

Simpsons' Wine Estate Rises to the Challenge

Last week the Simpsons’ Wine Estate team spirit came to the fore as business rose to not one, but two challenges during this tough period of lockdown.

Firstly in the winery, the skeleton crew worked tirelessly in shifts to undertake the tremendous task of tirage; the bottling of the 2019 sparkling base wines, ready to undergo secondary fermentation. These 120,000 bottles of Simpsons' sparkling wine will rest on their lees for up to three years. This will also ensure that there will be sufficient tank-space for the 2020 Harvest, which is set to be a veritable bounty if this glorious sunshine continues.

Meanwhile, out in the Railway Hill Vineyard, a new section of Pinot Noir vines went into the ground, with the assistance of the locally-based S J Barnes Limited, who machine planted the vines all in a day’s work.

These operations are ordinarily quite high-pressured, so under the current circumstances with limited staff, social distancing and supplier restrictions, it has required exceptional planning and resilience. The Estate is pleased and proud to be able to support fellow local businesses to work together in order to continue operating.

Keep following the Simpsons’ social media channels for further news and updates from the Estate on how they are navigating the difficulties faced in the current climate. Visit to view their range of exquisite English still and sparkling wines and to place your order, with free delivery!