M Farmers Market
M Farmers Market

West Malling Farmers Market Delivers Direct to your home 26th April (4th Sunday of the month)

Many of the farmers market stallholders have been busy adapting their business to provide a delivery service directly to your door. A number of the regular stallholders from West Malling Farmers Market will be providing this service - ordering in advance via contactless payment and delivering to your home on Sunday 26th April.

Products available to order now for delivery include fish, pork, cheese, plants, eggs, sausages, honey, micro herbs, candles, savory treats (scotch eggs/pates etc.,) vegetables, wines, soups and ready meals.

Details are being finalised now and a list of the stallholders providing this will appear on the west malling farmers market facebook page and website www.myfarmersmarket.co.uk or www.westmallingfarmersmarket.co.uk - the order books are open now so don't miss out! Delivery is 26th April!

Alternatively contact the West Malling Farmers Market manager on contact@myfarmersmarket.co.uk